Author Visits 2023-2024

I stopped posting about individual school visits on my website but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped doing them! In the 2023-2024 school year I spoke with hundreds of students ages 9-14 in author presentations and writing workshops in schools. I also did some fabulous community parent-child events as well as book talks for adults. In one incredible event at Netivot HaTorah Day School in Toronto, Honey and Me was a read-aloud for all the Grade 6 girls from January to May, which culminated in a Yom Iyun (Day of Study) with cross-curricular programming on topics and themes in the book, particularly around bat mitzvah. At the end of the day they beamed me in via Zoom for an author visit.

Usually I speak about my journey to becoming an author, some of my inspiration for writing Honey and Me, and how I did not see my own observant Jewish lifestyle in the books I read growing up (nor had the landscape changed very much when my own children became readers.) I also discuss how only when I realized that my community was “legitimate” enough to write about, was I able to create fiction that was about a particular setting but resonated universally, no matter where someone lives or what their religion is. In writing workshops I like to work with the students on getting deeper into characters and think about how that connects to setting. We leave plenty of time for a Q&A which is especially fun. I am open to travel and was able to do in-person events in Toronto, the Tri-state area and London, and via Zoom all over! I LOVE doing author visits so please get in touch if this is something that would be of interest.